1 Day(s)


This course is a one-day, instructor-led course designed as an introduction to IBM Rational Team Concert for software developers. Students will learn to utilize IBM Rational Team Concert to effectively manage their work items, collaborate and share work with their team using Jazz source control, request and analyze software builds, and monitor the status of their Eclipse-based development projects using reports and web-based dashboards

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This course is for software developers (Eclipse environment)

Skills Gained

  • Explain the IBM Rational Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) approach
  • Accept an invitation to join a Rational Team Concert project team
  • Find, create, and manage work items in Rational Team Concert
  • Make changes to components under Rational Team Concert source control
  • Create builds in Rational Team Concert
  • Track data with Rational Team Concert reports
  • Create and use a dashboard to view Rational Team Concert content


Students should have

  • Experience working with Microsoft Windows
  • Understand basic software development principles
  • A working knowledge of the Eclipse Workbench

There is a wealth of information available online to help you learn the terminology and navigation in the Eclipse Workbench. Just enter "Eclipse Workbench Tutorial" in your favorite search engine

Course Specifics

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Application Lifecycle Management
  • Overview of IBM Rational Team Concert
  • Managing work items in IBM Rational Team Concert
  • Working with Jazz source control in IBM Rational Team Concert
  • Working with Jazz builds in IBM Rational Team Concert
  • Tracking project status in IBM Rational Team Concert

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