In order to gain credibility with senior managers and other influential stakeholders the L and D team must be able to demonstrate the value that is added through learning and development. The start of this process is being clear about what is perceived to be "value for money" and what is perceived as "added value".

Value-added Learning and Development is a 1-day course that will show you how to identify the learning and development processes, tools and interventions that can add value to your organisation. You will also learn how to demonstrate to key stakeholders how value is added through L and D.

Value-added Learning and Development

Value-added Learning and Development is recommended for L and D specialists responsible for the strategic provision of learning and development to their organisation. Outsourced and/or externally-based consultants who want to expand their capability to provide a value-adding service to their existing and potential clients. By the end of the Value-added Learning and Development course, you will be able to:

  • differentiate between "value for money" and "adding value"
  • conduct a learning and development audit
  • analyse potential stakeholders and their interest in the added value process
  • establish how L and D can add value
  • utilise a range of marketing tools and approaches to communicate the added value of L and D.

You will also learn about:

  • the difference between 'value for money' and 'adding value'
  • value chains within organisations
  • how L and D can add value

Measuring the added value

  • how to assess 'added value'
  • review of a range of different learning and development processes and initiatives and how to assess their 'adding value' potential
  • measuring tangible and intangible values and outcomes of learning and development
  • measures for ensuring cost-efficient and effective learning and development operations Implementing continued added value
  • processes and tools to aid continuous improvement
  • conducting a learning and development audit
  • benchmarking learning and development services

Marketing and communicating the added value

  • raising awareness of the value that learning and development can add to an organisation
  • methods of marketing learning and development services and the added value contribution of L and D Partnerships to underpin value added L and D
  • identifying the internal and external stakeholders in the provision of learning and development processes
  • identifying and responding to potential barriersto effective partnership processes including issues of power, politics and conflicting agendas.
  • interpersonal skills and strategies to create and sustain added value partnership working
  • harnessing the positive forces within organisations to assist in successful added value L and D