Training skills has always been an important requirement for all types of companies, especially the ones that want to be at the cutting edge. However, it can be a stressful experience when Human Resources or Training Managers have to look for and schedule different training for every department and in short periods of time.

Therefore, managing your own training portal with all the alternatives in your hand is the best option for you. YourCM offers to your business the opportunity to access the most comprehensive database of IT and business training courses available anywhere in the UK.

"I have only been using CM Innovations for a short period of time;however, in that time I have found the service to be extremely efficient and professional", Tracey Scott, training manager of London Underground Information Management Training . "I have found the portal extremely useful as I can compare prices and dates of many training providers in one place, which reduces my search time", she adds.

How does YourCM work?

  • YourCM is your own branded version of CourseMonster the largest database of scheduled and onsite training courses in any one place in the UK.
  • YourCM has a "look and feel" that matches your own corporate identity or product branding. You retain full editorial control over the design of the site and you can even dictate aspects of the functionality.
  • YourCM is your very own IT and business skills online superstore, where your clients and customers can shop around for thousands of accredited training courses.
  • YourCM is a fully-managed service: once installed, the entire administrative process - from enquiries, to bookings, transactions and invoicing - is handled by an experienced team of Consultants. Technical issues are no longer an issue: full 24/7 product support is all part of the package.

For more information, visit YourCM .

YourCM Managed Training Services