Earlier this month a new survey of recruitment consultants announced that Britain is recovering from recession with the UK jobs market showing improvement for the first time in 17 months.

This is fantastic news, but what do you do when you've lost focus in your current position and changing jobs isn't an option right now? As the old adage goes "Love the one you're with", here's some tips from the CourseMonster team to love the job you're in:

Kick start your motivation by having a clear set of objectives to work towards and understand the specifics of what is expected of you at work. Try also setting your own goals, critique your job performance and look at areas where you can improve and create a plan of action

Be the best you can. Sometimes it's not the job that's got boring, it's you who's got bored. Often it's those that stop making an effort to do their role well find that they are the ones that are most dissatisfied. Making the effort even when you don't fee like it and a positive attitude can make all the difference

Update your CV, just to see how far you've progressed - a little self boost can work wonders

Be social and friendly to your colleagues, a good work network of positive co-workers can make even the dreariest of jobs bearable. Try and keep away from negative colleagues or the office moaner though, whether they realise it or not, their bad attitude can rub off on the most upbeat of us.

Write a list of all of the things you love and dislike about your job and why. Write another list about what having a job (even if you dislike it) means to you and the benefits that it brings for example;it pays for yearly holidays;then write a third list of what not having a job would mean to your life. Then look at your lists again. Sometimes putting things into perspective can help you re-think and re-motivate yourself .

Expand your role. If you're bored with your daily tasks, ask for more work. Take on new challenges, look around for the kinds of areas or roles that might interest and stretch you. Explain to your manager that you would like more responsibility and that you could handle x, y or z. You may even get a promotion or a boost to your salary.

Maximise your downtime. Great productivity isn't about working all the time. Studies indicate that the stressors associated with work-life balance

and workplace issues are contributing to higher rates of absenteeism. Taking time away from your desk, even if only for 30 minutes, gives your mind a mental break and goes a long way toward relieving stress and boosting energy, which in turn makes you more productive.

Change your routine. Sometimes small changes in your work habits can invigorate you. De-Clutter and re-organise your desk and you'll instantly feel better.

Lose the fear. Start doing those horrible little jobs that you've been putting off or the thing you fear most. As soon as the task is completed, that nagging dreaded feeling will have gone, you'll have a sense of accomplishment and the rest of the day will fly by.

Aim high. Think of ways you can get a promotion in order to grow within the company. If you feel there are any areas where you lack some skills, ask for training. Any new skills you learn will put you in good stead to secure a promotion or future job prospects.