e-skills, the sector skills council for business and technology, has welcomed a government report that identifies IT services as a source for future job growth.

The recently published UK Commission for Employment and Skills Ambition 2020 report predicts two million new UK jobs will be created in the next ten years, with the most significant future growth in the job market predicted to be in IT services.
Additionally, the report outlines the government's commitment to improving higher-level training and education to help meet demand for employees in IT and other sectors.
Karen Price, chief executive of e-skills UK, commended the report, describing the IT and the telecoms sector as the "engine for productivity and future growth" in the UK economy.

"Technology skills drive innovation, productivity and employment growth in every sector, underpinning the majority of future job creation in the western world, and so we're pleased the findings of the report reflect this. e-skills' own research predicts that over half a million new IT and telecoms professionals will be needed over the next five years to meet rising demand.

Source: Women in Technology

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