Guest blogger: Andrew Mallett

The Urban Penguin

Understanding WDS BINL Services

Windows Deployment Services can be installed onto the same server as a DHCP Server or on a different Server. If it is the later then configuration is quite simple and both the WDS Server and the DHSP Server will listen for requests on UDP port 67. If though, they are on the same Server they cannot both listen on 67. So the WDS Server will listen on the BINL port 4011. The DHSP Client needs to know to make a request back to this port so an additional option is added to the DHCP Server Scope option 60 PXEClient.

Windows Deployment Server

This is a role in Windows 2008 and 2008 R2 that can provision images to machines though the PXE Boot Process. When configuring this Service you are asked if the DHCP Server is on the same box. So we will look at the tow mode the of this service.

DHCP on Different Box

This is most simple setup as nothing additional is required. The WDS BINL (Boot Installation Negotiation Layer) will listen on UDP port 67 for DHCP requests. In response to these requests the server will supply the boot file name and TFTP server address for a network boot;this will merge with the IP Address and Subnet Mask supplied by DHCP Server on the network.

DHCP on the WDS Box

If the DHCP Server is on the same box as the WDS box then the two services (DHCP and BINL) cannot both listen on port 67. So this is left to the DHCP Server and an additional option, 60 is set on the DHCP Scope to tell clients to make a second request back to the same box but on port 4011 for additional information about the network boot phase. This is an easy selection on the WDS box as it will configure both port 4011 and the DHCP Server Scope is selected.

Having worked with both Novell and Windows Imaging Solutions it is great to have view from both sides. Novell call this service the Proxy-DHCP Service, which does make it easy to understand its purpose. It also has to be recognized that Microsoft provides this role with the OS and have such easy configuration. Hopefully this article explains the function of the BINL Service on both Novell and Microsoft.