As they become more comfortable with social media, technology executives have adopted it for attending conferences, sharing insight and asking for peer guidance on a wide range of topics including how to create and enforce policies related to social media usage. On the negative side, IT executives expressed concerns about security, privacy and the risk of viruses introduced via social media.

Mobile Technology

Despite concerns over securing and managing devices in the workplace they don't control, IT executives recognize that the rapid adoption of smart mobile device platforms (Android, Apple, Blackberry), combined with the undesirable expense of employee computing, has created a perfect storm for a mobile computing renaissance. Slimmed-down, low-cost, desktop-replacement mobile applications are making their way out of the app store and into the enterprise.

Network and System Maintenance

A change in job focus is causing IT executives to rethink how and where they deploy their staffs. Strategic outsourcing of non-core IT tasks is in vogue and savvy IT executives are assessing the impact and freedom it can provide.

Job and Career related discussions

As IT executives adapt to new business directions and adopt the latest technologies, they are aware that the nature of their careers has changed. It's not "business as usual" with IT executives focused strictly on technology. They are seeing a greater emphasis on business acumen, strategy and tactics enabled by technology. The requirement to justify and build real financial-based business cases for IT spending has become the norm.