Over the past year, the Office of Government and Commerce (OGC) have been withdrawing the ITIL V2 courses. The final course, Manager's Bridge, is to be withdrawn on June 30th 2011.
At the moment if you hold an ITIL V1 or V2 Managers certificate you can take the ITIL Managers Bridge course which will propel you to V3 Expert level in 5 days. As of 30th June 2011 this will not be possible. Instead you will have to take three courses to achieve the same qualification, ITIL V3 Foundation, one of the ITIL V3 Intermediate courses and the V3 Managing Across the Lifecycle course. This will take delegates 11 training days, treble the exams and inevitably cost much more than the original bridging course.

If you or a colleague have been thinking about doing this course, now is the time to book and we have many dates available between now and June. If you would like to enquire about availability, prices or just want to know more about these changes to ITIL please call us on 0800 408 4840 and we will be happy to help. You can view the course detail here .