We are often approached by people who are unclear whether they want to attend public scheduled training or to arrange an onsite training session. Here we give our experienced view on these options.

Public Scheduled Training

This option is when you attend a training centre on a pre-specified date with "pre-specified" generic content where anyone can attend. Here are a few of the main benefits:

. Broaden Your Horizons. One of the best parts of classroom training within a group of people that you are not familiar are the diversity of views and backgrounds of delegates. Our Office Manager who is currently studying for a CIPD qualification says 'The best part of my course is learning from the other students experiences, I have learnt so much from all of them, far more than I would have learnt with self study options.' Onsite training tends to be with people you know within your organisation so this benefit can be lost.

. Environmentally Friendly. Everyone learns differently and the environment can be an impacting factor. Some people prefer to learn in a dedicated training environment with no distractions and outside of their usual environment i.e. outside their usual work place.

.Cheaper For One.If the training is just for yourself or one delegate then the most cost effective option on a per delegate head basis is to attend a public scheduled course.

. Hassle Free. When attending a public scheduled you do not have to arrange a training room and computers or any other equipment you may need to provide for an onsite training session*. We sometimes find that organisations do not have a suitable room for the training especially when they need a large room with PC's or specialist equipment.

Onsite Training

Onsite or 'in-house' training is when a trainer visits your premises at an agreed venue, only people you invite attend and you have the opportunity to adapt the course content. Here are some of the benefits with on-site training:

. Cheaper For Four +. We find that for most courses if you wish for more than four delegates to attend the same training course it is more cost effective that sending them each on public scheduled courses.

. Tailored To Fit You. When a course is delivered onsite to a group of people with the same goals it is possible to tailor the material. At CourseMonster we provide an opportunity for the lead delegate or training coordinator to discuss their requirements with the instructor before the course so they can tweak the course content to suit. This is not possible with public scheduled courses. James Hendy, CourseMonster's onsite expert, says "it's a really valuable discipline to involve various stakeholders from the client organisation right the way through the course design process - ultimately this ensures the trainer can tailor the course in line with delegate backgrounds and specific learning objectives. In addition we can weave real world case studies or relevant business examples into the very fabric of the course which we know from experience optimises the learning transfer"

. Flexibility To Suit You. If delegates are being trained onsite they can still answer usual day to day queries that arise and are able to do any urgent tasks which wouldn't be the case if they were offsite. The timings of the training can be more flexible to suit other responsibilities. This is especially relevant when partaking (ohh excellent word!) in five day, or longer, training courses.

. Minimise Expenses and Airmiles. When having an onsite training course, delegates do not have to travel to the nearest training centre which can be preferable to delegates and employers alike due to reduced disruption, travel arrangements and costs.

As you can see it really depends on what you want to get out of the training, the number of attendees and your budget. There is no right or wrong answer. If you would like to know more about these two different options please call us on 0800 40 848 40 and ask to speak to one of our onsite consultants or email us at training@CourseMonster.com .

*CourseMonster can arrange for training rooms to be hired for private events that cannot be run onsite, we can also arrange for the hire of laptops and other materials for your training.