IBM celebrates its 100th birthday today. IBM were originally founded on 16th June 1911 as the Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation and 13 years later changed their name to International Business Machines.

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Throughout the year IBM have been releasing articles about their 'Icons of Progress', here areour pick of the articles so far:

The Apollo Missions

Four thousand IBM employees, most of them from the company's Federal Systems Division, built the computers and wrote many of the complex software programs that launched the Apollo missions and guided them safely to Earth. Read More Here

Magnetic Stripe Technology

Some elements of everyday life are so deeply engrained that it's hard to imagine how we coped before they existed. For many individuals born after 1970, that's true of the magnetic stripe on credit and debit cards. People around the world swipe their cards through "mag stripe" readers more than 50 billion times a year. What they don't realize is what a major shift this seemingly simple technology represented for retail, transportation and daily life. Read More Here

Tracking Infectious Diseases

In 1976, the World Health Organization utilized the IBM System/370 at the United Nations' International Computing Center in Geneva to precisely map trends and outbreaks of smallpox so that it could best allocate its limited personnel and resources to the most urgent locations. The system became a global model for demographic tracking. Since then, IBM has worked to understand the spread of many epidemics and pandemics. Read More Here

Smarter Planet

In 2008, in the midst of a global economic crisis, IBM began a conversation with the world about the promise of a smarter planet and a new strategic agenda for progress and growth. IBM's Smarter Planet vision was driven by three I's-instrumentation, interconnectedness and intelligence. It showed a way for industries, infrastructures, processes, cities and entire societies to be more productive, efficient and responsive. Read More Here

A Computer Called Watson

In an historic event, in February 2011 IBM's Watson computer competed on Jeopardy! against the TV quiz show's two biggest all-time champions. Watson is a computer running software called Deep QA, developed by IBM Research. Read More Here

There's no doubt that IBM have helped revolutionise the world , discover their history and the way they have helped shaped the past century by viewing their celebratory '100x100' video below or you can discover more at the official IBM Centennial website .

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