What is APMG MoVT?

Management of Value (MoV) has evolved from the tried and successful practice of value management across many sectors and over many years. The MoV guidance aligns the established methods with OGC Programme and Project Management guidance. The MoV guidance aligns the established methods with OGC PPM guidance. The guidance describes methods that are not new, but their use is often overlooked or misapplied.

The guidance is intended to help organisations use a successful, proven methodology to supplement their current management practices, so that they can increase the value they deliver and make better use of resources.

The Benefits of MoV

  • Enables senior management to maintain or increase benefits

  • Helps make better use of resources
  • Provides an auditable way to make tough decisions
  • Optimises investment costs and long term operating costs
  • Encourages innovative solutions.

There is currently one qualification available for MoVT;Foundation. The APM Group intends to launch a Practitioner-level qualification to support MoV at a later date. The course is suitable for individuals charged with maximising the value of resources invested to get the best financial and non-financial benefits from portfolios, programmes and projects.

Course topics include:

  • Introduction

  • MoV and its place within OGC Best Practice
  • Principles
  • Processes and Techniques
  • Implementation
  • Environmental factors influencing and impacting MoV
  • Application
  • Embedding a culture of MoV
Find out more about the Management of Value Foundation course and available dates by clicking here