Computerworld recently conducted a survey on what IT skills will be in demand in 2012 and chances are these are the skills that the UK will be looking for too. Almost 29% of the 353 IT professionals surveyed said that they were planning to increase their IT staff - an increase of 6% on 2010 and a 9% increase on 2009. Nine skills stood out as the skillset the IT executives say they will be hiring for in the next 12 months: 1.

Programming and Application Development

61% plan to hire for this skill in the next 12 months, up from 44% in the 2010 survey. Web and Mobile application development will be particularly hot. 2.

Project Management

44% will be planning to hire for this essential skill. However, project managers also equipped with business analyst skills will see themselves in particular demand. 3.

Help Desk/Technical Support

35% will be looking to hire support staffers. More companies are moving away from traditional Windows, Mac OS and PC desktops to make way for mobile technology adding an extra dimension for support staffers. 4.


Fuelled by an increase in virtualisation and cloud computing, demand for networking staff remains high. In particular companies will be looking for those with VMware or Citrix experience. 5.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Up 10% since last year to 23%. The upsurge in BI indicates a shift from focusing on cost savings to investing in technology that provides access to real-time data, enabling better business decisions. Of particular interest are SharePoint Developers. 6.

Data Center

As with Networking, data center operations will be impacted by virtualisation and cloud computing. Businesses will be looking for IT professionals with backgrounds in data center operations and systems integration, equally disaster recovery and business continuity to ensure that data is available when people need them. 7.

Web 2.0

Technical skills centered around social media will remain in demand as more companies look to integrate Web 2.0 into their systems to increase customer engagement. Net, AJAX and PHP will be key back-end skills, with HTML, XML, CSS, Flash and Javascript, among others, on the front end. Click here for our full range of development training courses,broken down by speciality, featuring all of the aboveand more. 8.


Given that security is a top-level concern and remains a serious threat to many businesses (and consumers);there's been a surprising drop in those looking to hire in the next year - down from 32% to 17%. There will always be a high demand for good talent and if your skillset includes auditing, so much the better. 9.


With communication systems being updated and the expansion of VoIP there is still a demand for people with telecoms /IP telephony skills, particularly those familiar with Cisco IPCC call center systems.