The LMSwishList is a brand new study from Redtray designed to uncover the must have features that today's Learning and Development professionals want to see in tomorrow's learning platforms (LMS). So far over 100 L and D experts have taken the time to complete the survey and contribute their wish list, all findings will be published in an eBook due for release in a few months. The survey is still open and if you haven't already spent 5 minutes completeing the anonymous survey, you can find the link below. Everyone that takes part will receive a first-look and access to the new eBook. We thought you'd appreciate a sneaky peak at the latest insight to come out of LMSwishList. eCommerce, compliance, RSS feeds and links to social media are amongst the 10 lowest priority features mentioned by L and D professionals when asked to consider requirements for their company's Learning Management System. "As our project develops, it's refreshing to see the key features that L and D directors really want in Learning Management Systems come to the surface," says Redtray managing director Vicky Jones. "For too long, too many providers in this business have been content to bolt-on niche functionality without really asking customers what's important to them. The result, according to the L and D experts taking part in LMSwishList, is a plethora of ill-defined LMS offers that confuse because they attempt to be all things to all companies. "Two trends are emerging as our LMSwishList initiative gathers momentum" continues Vicky. "Firstly, the six to ten core features that all L and D experts want to see in the LMS systems they procure are becoming increasingly clear. Secondly, it's becoming possible to align niche features with the particular business sectors that rate them highest. Ultimately we expect to produce not simply one hot-list of features that prove popular across all industries, but a series of high-definition wish lists that pinpoint priorities and highlight the differences between LMS users in distinctive markets like finance, manufacturing or IT and telecomms." The 10 least popular LMS features are listed below. The Top 10 most wanted will be published exclusively to LMSwishList participants soon.

  1. eCommerce
  2. Multilingual
  3. Licence management
  4. Automated email notifications
  5. Third party vendor management
  6. Budget management
  7. Compliance suite
  8. CPD Management
  9. RSS feeds and links to social media
  10. Resourcing and scheduling

Take part in LMSwishList

Click here to take part: Register interest, follow or participate in the LMSwishList project at . Participants will receive exclusive first access to the new data as it develops, be able to compare their own LMSwishList with their industry peer groups and download the LMSwishList eBook when it becomes available later - Spring 2012.

Source: Redtray

We're really excited about this new study;the findings will provide valuable insights into what L and D professionals really want and be beneficial not onlyto CourseMonstersown Learning Portal - ,but in LMS systems across all market sectors.