Improve the way in which youimplement and manage IT Services with the BCS Specialist Supplier Management training course . The coursefocuses onthe IT service management role and provides in-depth information and knowledge on how the role operates within an organisation. The course willenable delegates to develop their job specific skills using industry best practices andprovides candidates with an understanding of the principles and practical experience of using, industry best practice techniques involved in identification, selection, contracting, monitoring, reporting, and management of suppliers. This course is aimed at those working or preparing to work in a Supplier Management role and/or within a Supplier Management process whether at a technical, operational, supervisory or managerial level. This course may also be of interest to Project Managers, Business Managers and Business Process Owners. This course is aimed at:

  • Individuals who require a working knowledge of the industry best practice used in Supplier Management and how it may be used to enhance the quality of ITSM within an organisation.

  • IT professionals who are working within an organisation which has adopted and adapted some of these practices and are required to deliver or improve Supplier Management within an ongoing Service Improvement Programme (SIP).

Examination 25 multiple choice, scenario-based questions over 90 minutes. Pass mark is 16/25 or 64%. Prerequisites Candidates wishing to be trained and examined for this qualification must already hold the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management (includes the v3 Foundation or v2 Foundation plus Bridge Certificate) which shall be presented as documentary evidence to gain admission. It is recommended that candidates have a minimum of two years' experience in IT Service Management Course Outline Holders of the BCS Specialist Certificate in Supplier Management will be able to demonstrate their competence in, and their ability to:
  • Explain the goal and objectives of Supplier Management

  • Understand and explain the processes, roles and functions, especially those related to Supplier Management

  • Use different approaches to, and application of, standards, industry best practice frameworks and guidelines, relevant to Supplier Management and assist with the planning and implementation of Supplier Management

  • Develop and improve the customer and business focus of Supplier Management

  • Understand the different supplier categories and use and apply the Supplier Management process to manage interfaces between the business and the supplier(s) in conjunction with all other areas of IT

  • Define Supplier Management requirements and understand, select, develop and implement the most appropriate Supplier Management solutions, technology and environment

  • Manage suppliers through all stages of the supplier lifecycle, from identification of requirement, through to exit strategy

  • Identify and agree deliverables from suppliers in conjunction with the relevant stakeholders

  • Be aware of selection and negotiation techniques employed in Supplier Management with regards to invitation to tender (ITT) and contract approval

  • Identify and manage resources required in the management of suppliers, ensuring these are aligned with set priorities

  • Be aware of the support tools and techniques available for the implementation and support of Supplier Management and where possible identify and instigate improvements

  • Practically manage suppliers to ensure objectives are met, contracts are managed, performance is monitored and measured, interfaces and processes are effective, and exit strategies are compiled and implemented. This to be done in conjunction with other areas of IT and the business.

  • Produce Supplier Management reports for dissemination and interpret and use these to manage suppliers and their performance

  • Understand the interdependencies between Supplier Management and other IT areas and processes

This course can also be delivered as an in-house/onsite training course. To enquire or view available training dates in London and throughout the UK click on the link. You can also email us at or call 0800 40 848 40.