Buying, selling, refurbishing, building, managing or just occupying a property all have VAT implications. This is a particulary complex area of the tax and high transaction values can mean particularly costly errors. The VAT Aspects on Land and Property training course covers the full range of land and property VAT topics, and is intended for anyone who needs a full, complete and practical grasp of the subject. A good basic knowledge of VAT is assumed and London course prices start from only 380. The course covers: New build and development

  • Zero rated or standard rated?
  • New commercial, residential, relevant residential, and charitable buildings
  • Building materials and fixtures
  • Building contracts, tax points and payments
  • Anti-avoidance measures
  • Mixed developments and apprortionment

Property conversions and refurbishment

  • Zero-rated conversions
  • Zero rated approved alterations to protected buildings
  • The 5% VAT rate for conversions and refurbishments

Land and property sales and supplies

  • New commercial, residential, relevant residential and relevant charitable buildings
  • Licences to occupy land
  • Exclusions from exemption
  • Virtual assignments
  • Inadvertant exempt supplies and VAT recovery concessions
  • Input tax recovery on speculative projects

The VAT Option To Tax

  • Pre and post June 2008 options and rules
  • What an option covers, and how to avoid mistakes
  • Automatic and permission options, and how to apply to HMRC Latest simplifications
  • Real Estate Options
  • Disapplication of the option to tax, and anti-avoidance measures

Supplies between landlords and tenants

  • Rent free periods, dilapidations, reverse premiums, assignments and inducements
  • Rental guarantees
  • Service charges, utilities and insurance
  • Requests for payment, and tax points spanning an option

The VAT Capital Goods Scheme

  • Period of Adjustment
  • How it works
  • Effect of property disposals within the adjustment period

Transfers of Going Concerns

  • When and how commercial property sales can be VAT free
  • Nominees and Trusts
  • Dangerous contracts and warranties
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax savings

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