Over recent years the use of Agile for managing projects and development has increased dramatically, with Gartner predicting that by the end of 2012 Agile will be used in 80% of software development projects. Scrum, DSDM Atern, (eXtreme Programming (XP) and Lean have been used by development teams for years with great success. Agile Project Management goes beyond these techniques and naturally aligns with both PINCE2 and ITIL, as well as complementing quality processes such as ISO90001 and CMMI. Adopting Agile methodology helps project managers to: Focus on Customer Value - Aligns project, product and team vision Small batches - Creates a flow of value to the customer by delivering in small increments Integrated Teams - Greater collaboration, communication, organisation and discipline Continuous Improvment - Teams reflect, learn and adapt to change = Increased team productivity and delivery of business value. CourseMonster offer both Onsite and Instructor-Led Classroom Agile courses, our full Agile portfolio (including Agile development) can be viewed on our Agile courses page listing. Until 12th September 2012 we areable to offer a 20% discount on select dates for the following instructor led classroomAgile Project Management Courses: Agile Project Management: Foundation Agile Project Management: Foundation and Practitioner Alternatively, enjoy even greater savingsand book one of ourOnsite Agile project managementor Agile development courses, including Scrum and DSDM. To find out more about Agile Onsite courses or to claim your 20% discount off the above Agile Project Management courses, call us now on 0800 40 848 40, email us at training@CourseMonster.com or enquire on-line at CourseMonster quoting AGIL08, or use the links above.