By Warwick Ashford, Computer Weekly

Salaries for most information security professionals are continuing to trend upward as demand increases, particularly for technical skills. According to the latest figures from recruitment specialist Acumin, the skills most in demand are in application security and security architecture. Demand for application security skills is related to an increasing number of organisations doing business on e-commerce platforms and using applications on mobile devices that need to be locked down. Skills in incident management, incident response, and security information and event management (SIEM) are also among the most sought-after as organisations see an increase in attacks. "These types of skills are in huge demand. They are also the hardest to find, and have consequently seen the greatest increases in remuneration," said Chris Batten, joint managing director of Acumin. The highest demand is for skills in application security and security architecture "Anything relating to incident management: reverse engineering of malware, the response to incidents, the forensic analysis of the network and post-incident analysis. We are finding that organisations are really gearing up, including consultancies," he said. Perhaps the only exceptions to the upward salary trend,have been at the senior end, where there are more candidates on the market, but the drop-off has been has been fairly slight. The rise and fall of IT security salaries Demand is highest for middle-range candidates, where salaries have been driven by a lack of supply, which Batten ascribes in part to the decline in the number of UK engineering graduates in the past three to four years. Not only is demand for information security increasing as it becomes more embedded within organisations' architectures and projects.... Read the rest of the article CourseMonster offer afull range of IT security training courses from a rage of vendors, including Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat , Cisco, McAfee, BCS and many others. To find out more follow the link above, call one of our professional training advisors on 0800 40 848 40 or email us: