Dell and Intel explored the link between productivity and technology along with other IT trends that we are seeing influencing today's workplace as part ofThe Evolving Workforce project - a global project to identify and explore future trends pertaining to the workplace and workforce, and to also understand the role technology is playing in its evolution. Did you know that 83% of global workers believe that technology advances have enabled them to be more productive and see this increasing in the future? This final phase highlights insights from industry leaders on key workplace and workforce-related themes identified in the first two phases of the research, and according to these experts, strong relationships between HR departments and IT departments are growing more and more important in both attracting and retaining quality employees. As the report states, "technology provision has the potential to become more of a differentiating factor in choosing where to work." However, better, more efficient technology also comes with new, morale-related concerns for HR. For example, younger generations are practically demanding that they... Read the rest of the article