Twitter for Business -Where Twitter fits into the marketing strategy for businesses.

Mark explains that the amazing thing about Twitter is that it can do many different things. It's a great learning tool and a place to keep up with the news and the best approach to using Twitter is personal networking. When he talks to clients, he asks them, "Are you the type of business that can benefit from going to a Chamber of Commerce meeting or a local networking meeting?" If you are, then yours is the right kind of business to be on Twitter. If you are the type of business that can benefit from personal networking, Twitter should be something you consider. Mark uses Twitter to build relationships. Small talk on Twitter goes a long way toward building brand loyalty. The unique aspect of Twitter for business is that you can find people. It's difficult to find people and build a following for your blog or on Facebook. On Twitter, it's easy. In Mark's book, The Tao of Twitter, there's an entire chapter dedicated to finding relevant targeted people to follow on Twitter. They don't even have to follow you back. You can start to build your audience on your own and learn from people and connect with them. Just add a comment here and there. There is great power in being able to retweet. "Retweet" simply means you re-share someone else's content that they posted in a tweet. When you do this, it does a couple of amazing things. First of all, it's like saying, "Thank you! Good job! I appreciate this content!" and second, it helps you to get on their radar. If you do a good job of surrounding yourself with a relevant targeted audience, this audience will provide you with great content. You're now able to create value for your audience through the content of others. After you retweet someone a couple of times and make an attempt to engage, they're going to notice you. It's a wonderful way to build your audience, network and connect. It's networking on steroids. Mark's policy is to follow people back because you never know where it's going to lead. The great thing about Twitter and social media in general is that you can make it into anything you want. There are no rules. The strategy that Mark follows is that if you're a legitimate person trying to connect, the other person will follow you back because that's the real value of Twitter. Follow us on twitter to get course offers informationand more storeys! Click on the via Twitter Marketing How to Use Twitter for Business | Social Media Examiner .