New statistics from the national audit office show that the UK is struggling to meet the high demand for skilled workers to protect Britain against costly internet attacks. Hackers, Zeus botnets and Trojan worms may sound like creatures off doctor who but cybercrime is real and is causing a very real effect on UK business today. According to intelligent sources, up to 1,000 cyber attacks throughout Britain are being carried out every hour. If your business does not have the right measures, your IT systems are at risk of being compromised. Cyber criminals are able to steal secrets, access cyber confidential data or even disable corporate systems. Developments in technology have meant that practically all businesses rely on the internet. Whether it is to conduct business meetings, store business data or just to send emails, the daily running of a business tends to be conducted online. This reliance on the internet comes with its own risks. The online environment offer thief's new ways of accessing confidential company information and so online security needs to be taken very seriously. 80% of known cyber attacks could have been prevented or over come with the implementation of basic business security practices targeted at employees, processes and technology. Educating your workforce and raising user's awareness is the first step you need to take to protect your business. To protect your business why not undergo one or more of our courses we provide which can teach you the basics of Cyber security. Please refer to the link below. IT Technical Security Training The story has been covered in articles in The Telegraph and stories on ITV news and Radio Four: If you wish for more information you can... Call us on: 0800 40 848 40 Or Email: