Why performance based learning is so important

If you are honest - how does the board of directors at your organisation view the L and D function? Could they tell you specifically how your work has contributed to the overall business performance? If asked, could youprovide metrics which showed how L and D has helped improved business performance on a number of key projects and could you put a value on your contribution?At the Institutewe arecontinuing to seeL and D budgets and resourcesbeing reduced across the UK, which is a growing concern for members. The PerformanceConsultancy Masterclass has been designed to fight this trend, turning 'traditional trainers' into business savvy'performance consultants' who can link learning solutions to business value. Take a moment toview this short video from course tutor Nigel Harrison, as he discusses performance based learning.

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded and v=FdhIqeQaH6Q