It's countdown to clever-time

The annual dose of pain known as exams has arrived for those those taking GCSEs, A levels and university finals. As well as the straight bum-on-seat stuff called revising, there are other ways that young swotters can ensure that they have the edge. Here's 3 ways to give your brain the maximum gain.

1. Get sweaty

One of the best ways to revise effectively is to run away from your desk. Working up a sweat keeps your brain, as well as your body, in shape. Our grey matter needs a lot of oxygen to keep it working to its optimum level. Physical exercise such as walking and jogging improves oxygen circulation to the brain.

2. Feed your brain

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in oily fish such as sardines and tuna and available as supplements, are thought to improve cognitive abilities and mood. Their effect on children has been investigated. A study last month at St George's hospital in London found that overweight children who took omega-3 and 6 supplements had improvement in concentration and reading ability.

3. Rock on

Listening to a good tune can boost your learning and concentration. A study in the journal Consciousness and Cognition last year found that both classical and rock music improved memory and concentration. The scientists think that it's all down to your favourite music;so rock fans will find that a dose of Metallica may boost their brain power.

Kelvin Durcan - CourseMonster's MD - says; "Learning is not just about putting your head in a book, and memorising facts. The brain benefits most from a combination of practical, theory and an abundance of good energy. It is proven that feeling good, healthy and energised increases the brain's power to absorb and retain information. Innovative methods of learning, training and development are on the increase;whether in the classroom, online or on the job. Combining learning with enjoyment creates an infectious energy and is proving to be the way forward"

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