A career development plan is an important part of being able to advance your career, increase your salary and become a more valuable asset to your company. You may not need a MBA, but education is important as is professional development , management development and leadership development.

IT jobs and careers in the IT industry increasingly require more training and skills. Soft skills such as time management, team building, communications skills, problem solving and customer service skills are all important IT skills you will need to advance your career.

Whether your position is a manager, IT engineer, IT analyst, or any other IT job you should take your career development very seriously. Learning where you want to go and how you will get there will help develop your career and advance your career up the ladder. Don't leave your career plan in the hands of others, take control now!

The most important part of career development is to understand you are in control of your career.

It is not likely that someone is going to come in the door and offer you career advancement. Opportunities to advance your career do arise. When they do you need to make sure you have the skills needed to take advantage of them.

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