Happy Halloween Everyone!

In this article we are going to give you 10 top ways to scare an adult! So get your fake blood out and witches broom sticks and get scaring this Halloween!

#1. Realize that there is no sure-fire way to scare everybody.

If you have a group coming be prepared to have one or two skeptics who cannot be scared. Just try to impress them with effort and take solace that, at least now they know how really demented you are.

#2. Know your guests.

Having a group of strangers attened is a one-way ticket to a disappointing party. And be sure your number of guests outnumber hosts, otherwise its just not satisfying!

#3. Forget cheesy things.

Buying fake fangs, fake ghosts, fake blood is ridiculous. Unless of course you alter these things. Remember, if you've seen it in a store, so have your guests, and store bought things just aren't scary (unless you can fork out a couple of thousand pounds)

#4. Keep within a budget.

Even something as small as 100 is workable, and if that's the case, home made tips are your friend. Check out Indy Mogul on YouTube for cheap effects.

Indy Mogul on YouTube

#5. Plan a couple of months in advance.

You can never put too much work into these things. Don't be afraid to look at the clearance aisle every time you go out for handy things to add to your props. Something as innocent and cheap as mousetraps can add to the horror.

#6. Don't allow on thing to be the focus.

Visual props are just not scary sometimes. You need to attack all their senses. Tie fishing line to the ceiling so they feel they are walking through spiderwebs and don't be afraid to shove some rotten meat in some corners. Febreeze will take the smell out later.

#7. Choose a good location.

Although graveyards have a creepy atmosphere about them, they are overplayed, ridiculous and obvious. Most graveyards are city/church owned and are closed after hours anyway. Target a friend's unfurnished basement, preferably make them a host so you can decorate long beforehand. It doesn't matter you've been in that basement a million times to play ping pong, once you're done with it people will forget where they are. Basements are good for leaky sounds, low lighting/faltering lighting, and they echo rumbling noises. They also create a sense of enclosure most people don't like.

#8. Know that you are not scary.

In fact you are a relief to see, you are a familiar face and you are the life of the party. You need to destroy your identity (i.e. your face). Whether it be horrible flesh wounds (be sure an artist friend does this and be sure to use lots of texture for your mangled flesh) a blank face mask, or face painting to twist your face into a demonic symbol. Your best bet is because you will be in a dark area, make your head a pale or white colour, and wear dark clothes underneath.

#9. Know that while there is no sure fire way to scare someone

There are basic fears you can play on and will normally hit the nail on the head with a couple. Don't jump out and scream boo, not too often in any case (and only after the atmosphere is built). We have named some. Faulty/no lights is the fear of darkness, Fishing line spiderwebs is the fear of insects, basement setting is fear of closed spaces, rotten meat smell is fear of the dead, and un-set mousetrap creates fear of pain. Other small decorative ideas is splat some blood on the walls (tip: mix in some skin and guts of a tomato to make it seem like flesh chunks are present.) to play on their fear of blood. There are thousands of fears, do some research and you can create your own ways to SAFELY scare your friends.

#10. Make it a pre-planned event.

Don't try to let the party last longer than an hour or so. You'll be exhausted running behind the scenes and entertaining (scaring) your guests, and while you think they might be able to handle more abuse, save it for next year.