Combined Knowledge discuss a SharePoint training strategy

Combined Knowledge has specialised in the development and delivery of SharePoint Education and Support globally since 2003.To enrich their extensive course portfolio Combined Knowledge has incorporating Support+, a product that works with essential business software to give your entire organisation comprehensive, instant support on demand. I asked Zoe Watson how Combined Knowledge approach the challenging problem of providing training across all the different levels of users in organisations.

Our key aim is not only to deliver the best training classes available but also to provide organisations with a complete solution for their SharePoint deployment. This is achieved by providing training to facilitate product installation and development through to ensuring successful user adoption with the addition of on-demand support for all users from one central source.

As specialists in content creation and customised learning solutions, Combined Knowledge in addition to our standard SharePoint and Nintex course portfolio that can be offered as public or private classroom or online events, has the knowledge to work with our clients to create tailored content based on the their own environments. In order for us to do this we would clearly define the steps your SharePoint Users and Super Users would need to understand, leading to effective hands on training that enables Users to leave the classroom with the confidence and ability to put what they have learnt into practice immediately.

We understand that for a SharePoint implementation to be successful the user community has to fully adopt and therefore understand the product. To help you achieve this we have enriched our extensive course portfolio by incorporating Support+, a product that works with essential business software to give your entire organisation comprehensive, instant support on demand.

Over the past 10 years we have worked with a catalogue of global organisations and blue chip companies that have gained the knowledge and experience they require to achieve the full potential of their SharePoint deployment through our classes and have gone on to support their users over the lifetime of the product.

Our team of trainers include leading SharePoint experts that speak at Global seminars and User Groups in topics from Technical and Architecture to User Adoption and business processes.

Zoe Watson

PARTNER FOCUS: CourseMonster partners with over 150 of the finest training providers in the UK. This range enables us to select the most appropriate training for our customers meeting all expectations for content, travel, and duration. Over the next few months we are will be using these pages to introduce you to these companies. We invited a few to submit their own recommendations, tips, and suggestions in key training areas for 2014.

Combined Knowledge Offer

If you are interested in this SharePoint training, please email  CourseMonster or phone 0800 40 848 40 and quote "Combined Knowledge OFFER". We will be offering 10% discount on this area of study. You can also check out the specific training products on our website here.

The Combined Knowledge Collaboration course portfolio includes: