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Telecoms TCP IP: IP Voice over VOIP


Voice over IP reduces your telephony costs and provides unique opportunities for integrating voice, video and data. In this course, you identify challenges and benefits of VoIP integration. You gain the knowledge to use a data packet network to provide wide area voice communications. You learn how to ensure Quality of Service for VoIP traffic, take advantage of VoIP for new and innovative applications, and configure and operate SIP and H.323 for VoIP.

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Anyone interested in migrating voice and video conferencing traffic to new or existing data networks. A basic understanding of either TCP/IP internetworking or telephony concepts is assumed.

Hands-on Training

Exercises provide you with practical experience in key aspects of Voice over IP technology and include:

  • Configuring IP softphones with voice, video and messaging
  • Conferencing with H.323 and SIP protocols
  • Measuring the effect of codecs on network bandwidth consumption
  • Configuring IP desk phones
  • Calculating the degradation in voice quality due to packet loss, delay and jitter
  • Configuring analogue phones with SIP analogue telephone adapters (gateways) and SIP IP PBX
  • Engineering a network to carry VoIP using Erlang charts

Skills Gained

You Will Learn How To

  • Obtain the maximum benefit from Voice over IP (VoIP) and voice/video/data integration
  • Identify the costs, benefits and challenges of VoIP in multivendor networks
  • Interpret H.323, SIP and other industry standards for VoIP
  • Configure Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) IP phones, software phones and SIP IP PBX
  • Engineer high Quality-of-Service VoIP networks
  • Design networks to carry mixed voice, video and data traffic
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