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Linux: Korn Multi vendor UNIX Fundamentals


Multi-Vendor UNIX Fundamentals course will provide the delegates with transferable skills, and - equally important - will give them appreciation of working in a multi-vendor UNIX environment. The course concentrates on the common approach to the variants of UNIX whilst looking at some specific areas of particular systems and shells

The platform used for practical exercises is Linux, with SSH access provided to at least one other version of UNIX, for example HP-UX

The course explains how to use the basic facilities of a UNIX system and demystifies most of the major concepts and principles of UNIX operation. We discuss the role the shell plays in interfacing with the operating system, analyse the file system and explore file, directory and data manipulation utilities

We also take a look at more advanced use of the shell, including a brief introduction to shell scripts (command or batch files) and how to use them to automate repetitive tasks. There is a very useful overview of simple UNIX system administration and network communication utilities

Hands-on work (labs, demos and interactive exercises) accounts for nearly half of the course. Each lab session is carefully structured to lead you through the concepts of the preceding chapter, thereby building knowledge and confidence in using UNIX. Each delegate is assigned his/her own machine, and all machines are configured as a network

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Skills Gained

  • Explain the history, philosophy and purpose of UNIX
  • Navigate the file system and manipulate files and directories
  • Use the visual text editor vi
  • Conduct a session using the Command Line Interface
  • Configure the shell start-up files
  • Use and implement I/O stream redirection and piping mechanisms
  • Use filter tools to perform data manipulation operations
  • Interrogate the system
  • Write simple shell script
  • Use the system and online-based help
  • Initiate and respond to communications from other users and systems
  • Appreciate the purpose of working as superuser


  • No specific UNIX knowledge is required, but delegates must have a basic knowledge of the major computer components as well as computer operating system functionality and concepts. Ability of working with command line (such as in DOS or VMS) and familiarity with hierarchical file structure, organisation and management is assumed.
  • Course is aimed at IT professionals wanting to become proficient in using a UNIX platform in a multi-vendor environment. It is also recommended for users of any UNIX system who need to 'escape' an application and use the system at the command line level.
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