3 Day(s)


This lab-intensive course trains experience system administrators how to use cluster technology with a Quorum service and appropriate LVM structures to support Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g in data center environments. Students will set up and test a failover cluster, upgrade and downgrade clusters to support 2-node and 4-node configurations, explore "extended distance clusters," upgrade from Oracle 9i 10g RAC and configure a Continental Cluster


HP-UX system administrators who develop, design, implement, and monitor Serviceguard clusters


  • Posix Shell Programming OR experience in shell scripting. H4322S
  • HP-UX System and Network Administration I. H3064S
  • HP.-UX System and Network Administration II H3065S
  • Hands-On with Logical Volume Manager and Mirror Disk/UX. H6285S
  • Hands On with MC/Serviceguard. H6487S

Please note that students who have not taken H6487S are likely to have great difficulty with U8601S.

Course Specifics

Course Outline

  • Review Serviceguard concepts.
  • On individual clusters, set up the LVM structures needed for Oracle 9i and for Oracle 10g.
  • Upgrade individual clusters to 4-node clusters, and downgrade back to individual 2-node clusters.
  • Upgrade from an Oracle 9i failover cluster to an Oracle 10g RAC cluster.
  • Configure a separate cluster with the Quorum service as a package.
  • Configure and test Oracle 9i as a failover cluster.
  • Discuss and understand "extended distance clusters."
  • Understand and configure a Continental Cluster.

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