1-2 Day(s)


The skills and knowledge acquired in Microsoft Word 2003 Intermediate are sufficient to be able to use and operate the software at an efficient level.


Microsoft Word 2003 Intermediate is designed for users who are keen to extend their understanding and knowledge of the software. Microsoft Word 2003 Intermediate assumes the delegate has attended the fundamentals course or has equivalent knowledge.

Skills Gained

At the completion of Microsoft Word 2003 Intermediate you should be able to:

  • use sections to correctly format your documents
  • work with columns
  • create tables of figures and text
  • create and work with tables
  • hand-draw tables and manipulate them
  • import Excel, Word and Access data into a Word document
  • create and modify a style, and apply a style to text in a document
  • manage the use of styles
  • use the AutoText, AutoComplete, AutoCorrect, and AutoFormat features
  • create headers and footers
  • print a document
  • print labels and envelopes
  • insert a picture into a document, and move, resize and crop pictures
  • create new drawings, and resize, move, group, duplicate, and move drawing objects
  • use the WordArt feature in Word
  • create and format text boxes
  • enhance drawings in your document
  • apply and alter borders
  • work with AutoShapes
  • create, modify and use Word templates
  • use the document review features in Word

Course Specifics

Course Outline

The course focuses on practical work within the product giving delegates ample opportunity to use their PC skills through a series of graded exercisesTopics covered include:

  • Next Page Section Break
  • Continuous Section Break
  • Odd And Even Section Breaks
  • Deleting Section Breaks
  • Creating & Specifying Columns
  • Balancing Column Text
  • Columns Using The Toolbar
  • Column Widths From The Ruler
  • Inserting and Deleting Column Breaks
Creating Tables
  • Creating A Table
  • Selecting In Tables
  • Inserting Columns And Rows
  • Deleting Columns And Rows
  • Changing Column Widths
  • Shading And Colouring Cells
  • Modifying Border Styles
  • AutoFormatting A Table
Table Features
  • Creating A Table From Text
  • Creating Formulas and Calculations
  • Sorting Table Data
  • Merging and Spitting Cells
  • Table Gridlines
  • Inserting An External Table
  • Changing Table Alignment
  • Wrapping Text Around A Table
  • Changing Row & Column Sizes
  • Text Alignment In A Table
  • Stretching And Dragging Tables
  • Changing Text Direction
  • Creating A Repeating Header Row
Drawing Tables
  • Drawing A Table
  • Evenly Spacing Table Lines
  • Nesting A Table
  • Pasting and Linking A Worksheet
  • Inserting A Document
  • Importing A Database Table
  • Importing A Chart
  • Embedding and Modifying A Worksheet
  • Creating Charts From Worksheet Data
  • Creating Charts From Tables
  • Modifying Chart Formatting
Using Styles
  • Applying Existing Styles
  • Applying Styles To Text
  • Creating A New Style
  • Manually Modifying A Style
  • Styles By Example
  • Automatically Modifying Styles
  • Deleting A Style
  • Renaming A Style
  • Creating A Character Style
  • Modifying Character Styles
Managing Styles
  • Copying Styles To Another Document
  • Applying Copied Styles
  • Saving A Style To The Active Template
  • The Style Gallery
  • Changing The Root Style
Using Word Automatics
  • Using AutoText Entries
  • Creating AutoComplete Entries
  • Using AutoComplete Entries
  • Adding AutoCorrect Entries
  • AutoFormatting Text
  • Adding AutoText To A Template
  • Inserting A Date That Updates
  • Inserting Automatic Page Numbering
Headers And Footers
  • Creating Headers
  • Creating Footers
  • Formatting Headers And Footers
  • First Page Headers And Footers
  • Creating Odd And Even Pages
  • Creating Section Headers
  • Using Fields In Headers And Footers
Printing Options
  • The Print Preview Toolbar
  • Previewing & Printing Large Documents
  • Printing Larger Documents
  • Printing And Collating Multiple Copies
  • Printing Specific Pages
  • Printing Multiple Pages Per Sheet
  • Printing With Drawing Objects
  • Printing Comments or Hidden text
  • Printing To A File
  • Foreground And Draft Printing
  • Moving Margins In Print Preview
  • Adding A Watermark
Envelopes and Labels
  • Printing A Single Address Label
  • Printing A Sheet Of Labels
  • Printing An Envelope
  • Printing An Envelope With A Return Address
  • Adding An Envelope To A Document
  • Changing Fonts On Envelopes & Labels
Working With Pictures
  • Inserting and Moving A Picture
  • Resizing and Cropping A Picture
  • Wrapping Text Around Pictures
Working With Drawings
  • The Drawing Toolbar
  • Creating Drawing Objects
  • Working With Drawing Objects
  • Duplicating Drawing Objects
  • Drawing Freehand
  • Formatting And Colouring Objects
  • Adding Text To A Drawing
  • Creating & Editing WordArt
  • Moving And Resizing WordArt
  • Using WordArt Tools
Text Boxes
  • Creating & Formatting A Text Box
  • Adjusting Border And Shading Options
  • Adjusting Text Box Layout
  • Linking Text Boxes
  • Adjusting Text Box Margins
Drawing Techniques
  • Aligning Drawing Objects
  • Distributing Drawing Objects
  • Changing Drawing Grid Settings
  • Rotating And Flipping and Layers
  • Applying 3-D Effects and Creative Fills
  • Applying Shadow Effects
  • Grouping Drawing Objects
  • Text Direction In Drawing Objects
Borders and Shading
  • Applying A Border To A Paragraph
  • Adjusting Border Styles And Weights
  • Vertical Lines Down A Paragraph
  • Editing Borders
  • Applying Quick Borders
  • Applying Shading
  • Creating Inverse Video
  • Applying A Page Border
Working With AutoShapes
  • Drawing AutoShapes
  • Filling AutoShapes
  • Changing AutoShape Borders
  • Adding Text To An AutoShape
  • Formatting Text In An AutoShape
  • Adjusting AutoShapes
  • Rotating AutoShapes
  • Resizing AutoShapes
  • Moving AutoShapes Forwards & Backwards
  • Grouping And Ungrouping AutoShapes
  • Changing AutoShape And Text Order
  • Changing AutoShapes
  • Understanding Templates
  • Creating A New Template
  • Using A New Template
  • Modifying A Template
  • Applying A Different Template
  • Tips For Developing Templates
  • Creating Templates From Another Template
Document Review
  • Highlighting Text
  • Finding Highlighted Text
  • Inserting Comments
  • Working With Comments
  • Printing Comments
  • Tracking Changes
  • Reviewing Tracked Changes
  • Working With Versions
  • Comparing Documents
  • Protecting A Document
  • Routing A Document

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