2 Day(s)


A hands-on course focusing on network management using HP OpenView network node manager on Microsoft Windows or UNIX


  • Network administrators.
  • Network operators.
  • Those wishing to find out more about how their NMS works.

Skills Gained

By the end of the course delegates will be able to

  • Describe the network management architecture.
  • Use HP OpenView.
  • Diagnose faults using HP OpenView.
  • Recognise the MIB structure.


  • TCP/IP Foundation.
  • Hands on experience of an SNMP management station would also be beneficial.

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Network management

What is network management?, Benefits, issues, demonstration

Getting started with HP OpenView

Starting HP OpenView, IP discovery, IP monitoring, controlling IP discovery

Using HP OpenView

Mapping devices, map layouts, maps and submaps, objects and symbols, object attributes, colour codings, polling


Configuring Cisco devices for SNMP support, communities, traps, syslog

Parts of SNMP

SNMP architecture, MIB's, The protocol. HP OpenView SNMP configuration

HP OpenView alarm browser

HP OpenView alarms, alarm categories, filtering alarms, alarm details window


MIB1, MIB2, The MIB2 groups, additional MIB's, MIB compilers, vendor MIB's. HP OpenView MIB loader and browser

Monitoring devices

Polling, obtaining MIB information

Diagnostic tools

Poll node, the ping window, protocol test, locate route

HP OpenView fault management

Alarms, polling, fault management, setting thresholds and configuring traps

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