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This course presents the system manager who has been running an existing OpenVMS system with the core information and skills needed to get a clean system (including a cluster) up and running. The course includes topics on installation/upgrades of OpenVMS on Alpha systems, installation of layered products, in-depth queue management, stand alone back up, troubleshooting, network configuration, security, accounting, and cluster basics


System managers who need the skills to install and configure a new system or upgrade an existing system

Skills Gained

  • Install and upgrade OpenVMS
  • Configure, start, and stop the OpenVMS TCP/IP networking components
  • Configure and maintain an OpenVMS cluster
  • Install layered products
  • Configure and maintain system security
  • Configure and maintain queues and network printers
  • Customise the system
  • Use OpenVMS bundled tools to obtain system performance and troubleshooting information
  • Content

Installing and Updating OpenVMS


Post Installation Duties

Network Configuration

OpenVMS Cluster Concepts and Configuration

OpenVMS Security

Managing OpenVMS Queues

Customising the System

Layered Products

Getting System Information


This course supports the OpenVMS V7 System Administration exam, 010-651


Students should have the knowledge and experience that is contained in the

  • HP-U3724SOpenVMS Fundamentals
  • HP-U3724SOpenVMS System Management I: essentials for established systems

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