2 Day(s)


Crystal Reports Introduction is for people new to report design using Crystal Reports, and for self-taught users to enhance their knowledge. It is a pre-requisite for the Advanced course

Skills Gained

By the end of this course participants should be able to

  • Plan, create, format and distribute a report
  • Organise data on a report
  • Select records
  • Apply section formatting
  • Create basic formulas
  • Apply conditional reporting
  • Present data visually


Participants should already

  • Be competent in using a mouse and keyboard
  • Have an understanding of Windows
  • Have basic database concepts

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Getting Started

  • Planning a report
  • Understanding the Crystal Reports Environment-Design Tab, Toolbars, Preview Tab
  • Connecting to the data source - using the Database Expert
  • Placing objects on the report using the Field Explorer
  • Report Titles using Summary Info and Text Box
  • Previewing and saving reports
  • Modifying reports - Resizing fields, Arranging Fields, Field Alignment

Organizing Records

  • Sorting
  • Record selection including: Understanding the Select Expert Features
  • Determining the record selection criteria
  • Applying record selection on string, number and date fields
  • Using multiple section criteria
  • Modifying record selection with the formula editor

Grouping including:

  • Creating groups with different data types
  • Modifying groups
  • Nested Groups
  • Specified groups

Summarizing including:

  • Inserting summaries for different data types
  • Creating percentage summaries
  • Inserting Grand Totals
  • Using the Group Sort Expert

Formatting including:

  • Using the Format Editor
  • Formatting String Fields
  • Formatting Number Fields
  • Formatting Date Fields
  • Adding Lines and Boxes


  • Using section expert features to format sections
  • Creating summary reports

Formulas and Functions

  • Formula basics including: Formula Components and Syntax
  • Using the Formula Workshop
  • Creating basic formulas

Modifying formulas

  • Editing formulas
  • Deleting formulas

Functions including:

  • Basic Calculations using summary functions
  • String Manipulation
  • Basic Date Functions
  • Boolean Formulas
  • Applying If Then Else formulas
  • Using Nested if then else statements

Conditional formatting including:

  • Using the Highlight Expert
  • Formatting fields conditionally


  • How to use the report wizards
  • Creating a cross tab report using the wizard
  • Creating a cross tab report in an existing report
  • Formatting cross tabs

Report Distribution

  • Exporting the report in various formats
  • Distributing the reports

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