2-3 Day(s)


This two-day course provides a comprehensive understanding of everyday administration within a HP B series san solution covering technologies and concepts. Students will gain the experience needed to tackle the challenges of working in enterprise class SAN environments. Did you know you can reserve places on this course whilst you seek approval .


  • This course is designed for technical professionals seeking an learning path that includes both conceptual knowledge of Fibre Channel SAN technologies and experience in HP B series SAN environments.

Skills Gained

  • This practical two-day course provides exposure to HP B series SAN solutions and supporting technologies, such as Fibre Channel and IP storage.
  • Each lab provides experience with component configuration, SAN management and other SAN relatated activities in a B series environment.
  • Participants learn about protocal, standards, management practices and tools. Courses -->

Thinking about Onsite?

If you need training for 3 or more people, you should ask us about onsite training. Putting aside the obvious location benefit, content can be customised to better meet your business objectives and more can be covered than in a public classroom. It's a cost effective option.

Submit an enquiry from any page on this site, and let us know you are interested in the requirements box, or simply mention it when we contact you.

Upcoming Dates

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