3 Day(s)


The primary audience for this course is administrators, engineers, and consultants who will:

  • Plan, implement, and manage a deployment environment based on HP Insight Control Server Deployment 7
  • Perform basic HP Insight Control Server Deployment 7 tasks such as installation, configuration, and scripted and imaged deployment of Microsoft


  • Introduction to HP Insight Control WBT(HK317AAE)
  • Essentials for HP ProLiant (HE643S)
  • Familiarity with general networking terminology and basic network security concepts
  • An understanding of these operating systems: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Either Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Skills Gained

  • Overview
  • Installing and Configuring
  • Scripted Installation and Imaging Jobs
  • Using the Deployment Web Console
  • PXE Technology
  • Using the RDP Deployment Console
  • HP Insight Control software deployment agents
  • Software Support Courses -->

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