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What is SNA? SNA is a method that emerged from Social Sciences. It can be used to examine group structures and communication flows within a network chart by focusing on the relationships that exist between entities. i2 has implemented SNA capabilities within i2 Analyst's Notebook that can help people to better understand the dynamics of groups and organizations.

  • Why use SNA? SNA can help you to overcome a series of real word problems:
  • Ever-growing Datasets - SNA can help to filter network information more efficiently.
  • A need to better understand target networks - SNA can help you to quickly identify potential key individuals/groups for better prioritization of often limited resources.
  • Having to look beyond the network structure into its dynamics - SNA can identify characteristics of networks that are not immediately apparent.
  • Not all connections are equal - SNA can weight relationships between entities.

The aim of this course is to gain a deeper understanding of the use of the SNA function in i2 Analyst's Notebook. Learn to use techniques in i2 Analyst's Notebook to maximize the effective use of SNA within your organization.


This intermediate course is for those who have attended previous i2 Analyst's Notebook courses and current users of i2 Analyst's Notebook who wish to learn about the Social Network Analysis (SNA) functionality within i2 Analyst's Notebook.


You should have:

  • A good working knowledge of the basic features of Analyst's Notebook
  • An understanding of the concepts and use of visual investigative techniques

Skills Gained

  • Understand SNA metrics and what they may do for you.
  • Build charts for use with SNA
  • Prepare a chart for SNA by identifying and clearing unwanted items from the chart.
  • Use SNA to identify the core of the network and any key entities.
  • Use regular chart updates to identify new players, leaders or groups within the network

Course Specifics

Course Outline

  • The foundations of social network analysis (SNA)
  • The applications of SNA to investigative analysis
  • How to use the i2 Analyst's Notebook SNA feature to identify targets within ever-expanding data sets and networks
  • How to identify the roles specific entities may hold within and between networks
  • How to use SNA to prioritize potential targets
  • How to weight relationships between entities within networks to reflect importance within organizations

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