5 Day(s)


This 5-day course combines theory and practical labs to teach users how to manage the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array. The concepts and terminology are covered in-depth followed by configuration tasks which include Command View EVA, Local and Remote Replication including Business Copy and Continuous Access via the Replication Solutions Manager, Multi-path management with HP MPIO DSM on Windows, Secure Path (autopath) Management on UNIX, scripting with SSSU and an introduction to EVAperf and SmartStart EVA for the EVA4400. Did you know you can reserve places on this course whilst you seek approval .


  • System and Storage administrators responsible for the configuration and day-to-day management of the Enterprise Virtual Array EVA environment.

Skills Gained

  • Describe the features of the EVA solution family.
  • Describe the various EVA models and initial setup procedures.
  • Define the basic terminology and concepts associated with the EVA architecture and storage virtualisation.
  • Describe the concepts and capabilities of Business Copy EVA and EVA local replication.
  • Describe how to use the Storage System Scripting Utility.
  • Identify and describe the features and functions of the HSV controllers and disk drive enclosures.
  • Introduction to SmartStart EVA for EVA4400 installation and configuration.
  • Describe and perform storage system configuration activities with Command View EVA.
  • Describe and perform the installation and configuration of Replication Solutions Manager GUI and agents.
  • Understand how to monitor and manage the EVA via logs and tools.

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