4 Day(s)


  • The Creating HP Software-defined Networks course is suitable for all IT Professionals who want to learn about SDN. The focus of this course is on designing and implementing Software-defined Networks.


  • HP FlexNetwork Fundamentals or similar experience with HP Comware and Provision switches.

Key topics

  • Explain what SDN means, from a technical and a business perspective
  • Explain and understand how OpenFlow is the open-standard transport mechanism used for making SDN possible
  • Understand the difference between OpenFlow 1.0 and 1.3
  • Understand what it takes to transition from traditional networking to Software-defined Networking
  • Understand and configure how the HP VAN SDN controller communicates with different components, both internal and external to the controller, via secure channels
  • Demonstrate how to use a script to make API calls, focusing on application implementation rather than development of applications
  • Understand how SDN can be integrated in the HP FlexNetwork Architecture through SDN use cases
  • Understand how OpenFlow enables the separation of the control and data planes
  • Explain and understand how SDN can enhance the network performance, security and simplification, via applications such as Sentinel
  • Install and configure the HP VAN SDN Controller
  • Explain the HP VAN SDN Controller RESTful API, including information about RSDoc
  • Configure a controller team to provide high availability in a SDN environment Courses -->

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