2 Day(s)


This course is designed for experienced HP-UX System Administrators, or delegates who have recently attended the HP-UX System Administration Part 1 course and have had the opportunity to consolidate the information gained from it.


Attendees should have a good basic understanding of HP-UX System Administration, which can be obtained from the HP-UX System Administration Part 1 course, and ideally some practical experience in the workplace.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Objectives

This course will provide attendees with the additional knowledge required to closely monitor the performance of, and optimally tune, an HP-UX based system. Delegates will be able to cope satisfactorily with the day-to-day monitoring of a multi-user HP-UX site and be able to identify performance issues and devise strategies to overcome them.

The course is highly interactive and consists of theory with plenty of hands on practical content. A dedicated server will be used so that the more complex commands and administration utilities can be practiced in the security of a classroom environment.

Course Content

Concepts of Process Scheduling.
Performance Tools.
Process Management.
CPU Management.
Memory management.
Process Resource Manager.
Performance Issues.
Swap Space.
NFS Performance.
Application Profiling.
Performance Analysis and Tuning.
System Tuneable Parameters.
3rd Party Tools.

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