About the Quality of your Course

Dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective training

Expect the highest quality training available when you book your training with CourseMonster Australia. Our trainers are highly-skilled professionals who possess a valuable combination of real-world experience and product expertise. This means that you receive an uncompromising quality of training, delivered by knowledgeable, specialised and enthusiastic instructors.

All of our delivery partners, providers and specialist trainers have met our tough rigorous guidelines and we constantly monitor the quality of our training via post course evaluation forms to ensure that your needs are met and only the highest quality courses are provided.

At CourseMonster our vision is to deliver outstanding service

We do this by going above and beyond to ensure the client is 100% satisfied with the course they have chosen. We also understand that the client may not have time to complete all the necessary paperwork etc, so the team at CourseMonster will take all this off the client's hands.

Our Service & Our People

At CourseMonster a team of professionals strive to give you the highest standard of service and experience you deserve. For a brief description of our team please see our employee's page.

Our Commitment to Quality

At CourseMonster we strive to give our clients the best quality of service and are happy to help with any course the client wishes to attend.

Our Performance

This section shows the results of important indicators of quality and ways that CourseMonster can be improved.

Client Feedback

We like to display client feedback, both constructive and complimentary to demonstrate aconsistent and transparent approach. By displaying the feedback it gives clients the confidence toprovide feedback regarding the services they received. This also allows future clients to see anhonest opinion from others who have experienced our service:

Client Evaluation Form

At CourseMonster we like to hear what the client thinks about our service and if there isanything we are able to improve on. After the booking process is completed, the client is sent anevaluation form. This gives us ideas of where we can improve our service.


Don't take our word for it, read what some of our clients have said about their training and experience of CourseMonster.