Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management

4 days


RH401 Red Hat Enterprise Deployment, Virtualization, and Systems Management is a four-day lab-based course that explores the concepts and methods necessary for successful large-scale deployment and management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. Course participants will learn how to install and use a Red Hat Network Satellite Server to deploy and manage systems. The use of virtualization technology as a key deployment tool is also examined.

Subjects covered in the course include: installing and managing a Red Hat Network Satellite Server; provisioning systems using RHN, DHCP, and PXE; using version control to maintain configuration files; and building custom RPMS.

In addition, a substantial part of the class is dedicated to the use of Virtualization in systems deployment. Virtualization topics include: an overview of virtualization; installing, configuring, and managing virtual machines; understanding the hypervisor; using virtual machine snapshots; network configuration with virtualization.


RH401 is aimed at senior Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators and other IT professionals working in enterprise environments.

Skills Gained

Prerequisites for this exam

Exam candidates should:

  • Be a Red Hat Certified System Administrators (RHCSA ) or have equivalent experience and skills; being a RHCE recommended.
  • Have taken Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403) course or have equivalent experience.
  • Review the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Deployment and Systems Management exam (EX403) objectives.


RH401 requires RHCE-level skills. A current RHCE certification is recommended, but not required.

Course Outline

RH401 is designed to train people with RHCE level competency on skills required to deploy and manage Red Hat systems to enterprise standards of reliability, availability, scalability and manageability.

Central to the course is hands-on training in the use of the Red Hat Network Satellite Server for deployment and provisioning of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems and the use of virtualization as a critical technology in systems deployment.

Persons taking RH401 will learn how to implement and manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments efficiently and effectively in ways that make their systems manageable by a team. They will learn to install and deploy a Red Hat Network Satellite Server which can be used to provision new systems and keep many systems up to date. Students will create their own packages using Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) and use CVS and Red Hat Satellite Server to manage configuration files.

Course participants will learn to use virtual machine technology, which permits multiple host operating systems to run on a single hardware platform. They will learn how virtualization works, including the purpose and function of the virtualization hypervisor; how to install, configure, and manage virtual machines; how to take snapshots of virtual systems; and how to configure networking, including private networks, masquerading, and physical network separation.

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