Brocade Virtual Application Delivery Essentials

4 days


This instructor-led course with hands-on labs provides an introduction to the Brocade Virtual Application Delivery product family and supported Layer 4 through 7 features.


This course is designed for network administrators, system administrators, network architects, systems engineers, and technical support engineers that are involved with installation, configuration, maintenance, and basic troubleshooting of the Brocade Virtual Application Delivery product family.


Before taking this course, students should have working knowledge of:

  • Routing, NAT, DNS, and BIND
  • Application Protocols
  • VMware ESXi OVA Deployment
  • HTML pages
  • Linux CLI
  • Understanding of programming languages and structure

Course Outline

Module 1 - Course Introduction

Module 2 - Load Balancing Overview

Module 3 - Deploying a Traffic Manager Instance

  • Lab 3-1: Lab environment overview
  • Lab 3-2: Server setup and vTM deployment

Module 4 - Traffic Manager Basic Concepts

  • Lab 4: New Service Wizard

Module 5 - Hosting Multiple Services

  • Lab 5-1: Traffic IP
  • Lab 5-2: Second Service (Staging Pool)

Module 6 - Clustering

  • Lab 6-1: Clustering

Module 7 - Layer 7 Protocols

Module 8 - TrafficScript

  • Lab 8: Production (Prod) Servers, RuleBuilder, Traffic Script

Module 9 - Monitoring

  • Lab 9 : Graphing and Zeusbench

Module 10 - Managing Nodes and Failover Features

  • Lab 10-1: Alerts
  • Lab 10-2: Failover Pools & Web site failure

Module 11 - Web Content Compression and Caching

Module 12 - Session Persistence and SSL Features

Module 13 - User Management and Authentication

Module 14 - IPv6

Module 15 - Bandwidth Management and Service Features

  • Lab 15: Bandwidth Management, Service Protection & SLM

Module 16 - Global Load Balancing

Module 17 - Web Application Firewall

Module 18 - Services Director

Module 19 - Web Accelerator

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