3 days


This course provides a sound understanding of the specific requirements of online processing essential to the development of efficient and effective applications. It contains extensive practical project work.


This course is for applications programmers, technical and production support staff.

Operations analysts will also benefit from this course.


Delegates should have knowledge of COBOL and should ideally be familiar with DDS to gain full benefit from the hands-on aspects of this course.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to TPMS
  • Batch v Online comparison.
  • Messages & Transactions.
  • TPMS components.
  • TPMS concepts.
  • Screen Design
  • Screen Components.
  • DDS Screen Designer (ISDA).
  • Defining Screens and Blocks.
  • COBOL Programming
  • Action of a TPMS module.
  • Screen handling.
  • Message headers and text.
  • Receiving/sending messages.
  • Types of output message.
  • File Handling
  • Cross-phase locking.
  • Delayed Updating.
  • Opening & closing files.
  • Compiling TPMS Modules
  • DDS pre-processor.
  • COBOL compiler.
  • TPMS Environment Simulator
  • Using TPMSES.
  • TPMSES commands.
  • Multiphase Transactions
  • Introduction.
  • The Final Phase.
  • Intermediate Phases.
  • Partial Results.
  • Further TPMS Facilities
  • Unsolicited Output.
  • Spooling. Timer Tasks. Predefined Messages. Error Handling:


Flashing Fields.

Testing in TPMS

Course Review

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