VME System Management and Tech. Support

5 days


This course is designed to give delegates the professional ability to handle technical support on a VME system. They will be given skills and sufficient knowledge to manage the system and provide a service to users. This will involve planning and maintaining the system. The course is classroom based, with each student having a terminal with access to a VME system.


This course is for computer personnel who are going to manage and provide technical support to VME systems. Also programmers, operators or networking staff who plan and maintain the VME service may benefit from this course.


Some experience of writing System Control Language (SCL) procedures is required together with knowledge of the delegate's own site's running environment.

Course Outline

  • SuperNOVA Hardware layout and visual indications of its state.
  • VME layout and the Catalogue.
  • Functions and Facilities within VME.
  • Introduction of users.
  • Control of the Work Management System.
  • Error Management.
  • Loadset contents and build.
  • Archiving strategy.
  • Recovery techniques.
  • Catalogue correlation.
  • Software Maintenance.

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