Adobe Illustrator Masterclass

1 days


In this course, you will draw complex illustrations, and enhance them using various painting options. You will also use techniques using painting tools, manage colours, format type, work with effects, prepare artwork for commercial printing, and prepare graphics for the web.


Each participant will leave with a recognised certificate

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Customising the Illustrator Interface
  • Topic A: Set User Interface Preferences
  • Topic B: Work with the Grid and Guides
  • Topic C: Manage Workspaces
  • Lesson 2: Drawing Complex Illustrations
  • Topic A: Combine Objects to Create Complex Illustrations
  • Topic B: Work with Layers
  • Topic C: Create a Perspective Drawing
  • Topic D: Trace Artwork
  • Lesson 3: Enhancing Artwork Using Painting Tools
  • Topic A: Paint Objects with Fills, Strokes, and Gradients
  • Topic B: Paint Objects Using Live Paint Groups
  • Topic C: Paint with Custom Brushes
  • Topic D: Add Transparency and Blending Modes
  • Topic E: Apply Meshes to Objects
  • Topic F: Apply Patterns
  • Lesson 4: Customising Colours and Swatches
  • Topic A: Manage Colours
  • Topic B: Customise Swatches
  • Topic C: Manage Colour Groups
  • Topic D: Access Pantone Plus Colour Libraries
  • Lesson 5: Formatting Type
  • Topic A: Set Character Formats
  • Topic B: Apply Advanced Formatting Options to Type
  • Topic C: Adjust Hyphenation
  • Lesson 6: Enhancing the Appearance of Artwork
  • Topic A: Apply Effects to an Object
  • Topic B: Create Graphic Styles
  • Topic C: Apply a Blend to an Object
  • Topic D: Apply a Mask to an Object
  • Topic E: Create Symbols
  • Lesson 7: Preparing a Document for Print Output
  • Topic A: Set Up Artwork for Printing
  • Topic B: Prepare Transparent Artwork for Printing
  • Topic C: Manage Colours in Printing
  • Lesson 8: Preparing Graphics for the Web
  • Topic A: Create Slices and Image Maps
  • Topic B: Save Artwork in the SVG Format
  • Topic C: Save Graphics for the Web

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Upcoming Dates

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