Effective Delegation

1 days


This practical course provides an insight into one of the core skills all managers must possess – delegation. As well as exploring what to delegate and when, it will also provide immediately useful coaching and development techniques that are fundamental to delegating effectively.


Each participant will leave with a recognised certificate

Course Outline

  • Recognition of what should and shouldn't be delegated
  • The ability to empower and develop individuals
  • Competence in techniques to overcome resistance and delegate in practice
  • Managing empowerment The 3 greatest sins Why we avoid delegating The benefits of delegating Focusing on objectives rather than tasks Using delegation as a motivational tool
  • How to delegate Introducing a detailed structure on how to delegate effectively Ensuring a successful outcome for all involved How to maximise the skills of your team members What should & should not be delegated
  • Coaching individuals Analysing the different management styles Improving your listening & coaching skills How to deal with different ability & confidence levels How to give developmental feedback & appraise your staff

Putting it all into practice

Case studies

Role plays

  • Putting it all into practice Case studies Role plays

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