P3O stands for Portfolio, Programme and Project Office. It is a robust framework put together by the Office of Government Commerce. The aim of putting this framework was to address the issues of total lack of industry best practices bench marks of the set-up, execution and promotion of a Project and Portfolio Management Offices. P3O certification courses are designed to provide a decision enabling support structure for all the changes taking place in an organization. These certifications are for those who want to play a good role in any of the offices described in the P3Omodel.

Two P3O certification courses

  • P3O Foundation
  • P3O Practitioner

Aim of P3O Foundation Certification Course

To understand the definitions, terminology and facts relating to

  • Overview and principles of P3O model and element
  • Intentions for creating P3Omodel, its advantages and rate of success
  • Deep study and analysis of elements and model variants
  • Strategy to implement or re-energize the model
  • Different roles in a P3O model

Aim of P3O Practitioner Certification Course

To know how to work and evaluate concepts relating to

  • Relevant facts, terms and concepts
  • Strategy to use and re-energize a P3O model
  • Know how to use tools and techniques in the offices of P3O model
  • Analyse proposed P3O plans
  • Analyse the most relevant P3O structure, functions and services
  • Allocate organization roles to a p3O model

The details and focus of the each course may differ according to the course competencies.

Eligibility for P3O Foundation Certification Course

The P3O Practitioner Course is fit for professionals who work as a part of teams responsible for different projects and programmes. The certification is also suitable for anyone who needs to play a role as an informed member of P3O. The course is suitable for

  • Corporate, Portfolio and Senior Management
  • Programme Directors and Managers
  • Project managers and board of managers
  • P3O, programme and project team members

Eligibility for P3O Practitioner Courses

The P3O Practitioner Certification is crafted for anyone who has the Foundation knowledge of P3O models and is also accountable in future for planning and implementing P3O model in their organization.

Examination for P3O Foundation Certification Course

The P3O Foundation exam is a closed book multiple-choice exam consisting of 50 questions completed in 40 minutes. In order to pass, candidates need 60% or more. The exam is conducted on the last day of the course and is perquisite for the P3O Practitioner Course and Exam.

Examination for P3O Practitioner Courses

The P3O Practitioner Course is an open-book objective testing format exam consisting of 7 questions. The exam is for 70 works and time allotted is 2 1/4hours. Candidates need 50% or more to pass. The exam is conducted on the final day of the course.

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P3O Foundation and Practitioner

If you wish to take the Foundation and Practitioner as separate courses please book on dates on the following courses, however you can also book on the 5 day Foundation and Practitioner combined course.

If you want Foundation and Practitioner certification please take the 5 day course below

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