Corporate Social Responsibility

What does corporate social responsibility (CSR) mean to us?

Corporate responsibility address key business related ethical, social, and environmentalimpacts, ensuring we run our business in a responsible way. We see corporate responsibilityas a key element of how we conduct our business.

We support this by hiring people who reflect the way in which we operate. The areas we haveidentified as having responsibilities are:

Our environment

We are all responsible for protecting the environment in which we live and work. TheCourseMonster- CMI group of companies is committed to developing and maintaining sustainable andenvironmentally responsible business operations.

We promote green initiatives and strive to reduce our environmental impact by focusing on:

  • Energy use and conservation
  • Paper recycling and waste management
  • Electrical equipment management

Our Customers

We work to ensure we meet or exceed our customers' expectations through the delivery ofexcellent products and service. Our aim is to meet or exceed our customers' expectations ofCourseMonster - CMI as a company by providing first class services and the most exceptionaltraining in the marketplace.

Our Suppliers

We aim to build long-term relationships with our supply chain and recruit only those promote excellent social, ethical, health, safety and environmental polices. We are committed totrading fairly and to communicate our responsible souring expectations of them in the areas ofeducational materials and first class instructors.

Our Community

CourseMonster believes it is important to develop and maintain healthy and positiverelationships with the local communities within which we operate by offering charitable donationsor the time and skills of our employees.

Our principal charity choice for the past two consecutive years has been the Make-A-Wishfoundation; a Middle East charity grants magical wishes to children and young people fightinglife-threatening illnesses.

Our People

CourseMonster - CMI is an equal opportunities employer. Our people are a valuable asset to usand a reflection of our company values. We provide an environment where our employees aremotivated, supported, valued and respected.

We are committed to providing a working environment where our employees can develop their fullpotential, both professionally and through personal development. We believe teamwork is key tobuilding trust, integrity and mutual respect; creating an environment where we can continue todeliver excellent service to our customers.

Our Core Values


Achieving high job performance requires trust-based relationships, where people are free toshare their point of view and speak the truth as they see it. We trust our people to do the rightthing - leading to increased job satisfaction, emotional intelligence, awareness, motivation,social skills and competence.


Respect helps us to value differences and to mutually appreciate each person for her or hisunique qualities. Through respect, we positively influence good working relationships andperformance to bring out the best in each of us.


Each of us are responsible for living up to the highest standards of business ethics andconduct. We treat our people, customers and suppliers as they deserve to be treated; with honesty,respect, humility and the highest ethical standards - putting our core values and beliefs intoaction.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is an ongoing process of regularly reviewing practices, where we identifyopportunities, challenge conventional thinking, invite constructive criticism and continually seekways to make changes and improvements - everyday; encouraging and rewarding employees for theircontribution to the process.


We encourage creativity in our people and the generation of new ideas and creative approaches toproblems. We actively pursue and implement unique initiatives and approaches to bring real businessbenefits to our customers.

Our Mission

"We aim to be pioneers in offering world class global training solutions."

Our Vision

To be a leading global authority on Technology and Business Skills training and a belief everybody is entitled to self or professional improvement, enabling instant and easy access to thewidest choice of training available; powered from the largest and most respected single source.