P3O Foundation Certificate

3 days


This foundation course, based on the 2013 guidance, comprises three days of trainer led instruction, with the Foundation examination on day three of the course.

Course Outline

  • It is aimed at member of offices within a P3O model or anyone who needs to understand the terminology and concepts underpinning a P3O and those wishing to pursue high level qualifications. The course will to provide delegates with a comprehensive and applied understanding of the P3O advice. It prepares delegates for the P3O Foundation Certificate examination by undertaking questions from a sample examination paper to enable them to take the P3O Foundation Certificate examination on day Three.
  • Introduction and Overview
  • A high level introduction to the terminology used in the course and sets P3O's into an organisational context
  • Definitions of Portfolio, Programmes, Projects and Business as Usual
  • Relationships between project, programme, portfolio lifecycles
  • High level P3O Model
  • Why have a P3O?
  • Examines the reason for having a P3O, and develops the business case to implement or reenergise a P3O.
  • The value of a P3O
  • Identifying the vision and need for a P3O
  • Identifying the stakeholders for a P3O
  • Developing a business case for the P3O
  • P3O capability and linked benefits
  • Overcoming common barriers to successful P3O implementation
  • P3O Models
  • Identifying the different ways that an organisation could implement a Portfolio, Programme or Project Office
  • Different P3O models
  • Sizing and Tailoring an appropriate model
  • Functions and services of a P3O
  • Integrating to P3O in an organisation
  • P3O maturity and evolution
  • P3O Roles
  • Describing the typical roles and responsibilities within a P3O
  • Management, generic, and functional roles
  • Skills and competencies
  • Staffing a P3O office
  • Operating a P3O
  • Describing the range of tools and techniques that can be used to support the functions and services of a successful P3O
  • the differences between a tool and a technique
  • 3 types of tool - Individual, Collaborative and Integrated
  • Critical success factors in implementing a tool
  • Benefits of various techniques including: Management dashboard, Portfolio prioritisation, Facilitated workshops, Business process swimlanes
  • P3O Implementation
  • Identifying the lifecycle to implement a new, or revitalise an existing P3O, both permanent and temporary offices
  • Definition Stage and its key activities
  • The Blueprint
  • P3O information flows
  • Risks to implementing a P3O
  • Examinations
  • The P3O Foundation examination will be taken on the afternoon of day three of the course. The exam is a multiple choice exam consisting of 75 questions that must be answered in 1 hour. To be successful in this exam the delegate must correctly answer 35 or more questions. Delegates will be informed of their indicative result before they leave the course.

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