IBM Guardium V10 Foundations 8G100G

3 days


Are you getting ready to administer database security policies? Learn how to configure Guardium V10 to discover, classify, analyze, protect, and control access to sensitive data. You will learn to perform vulnerability assessment, and how to monitor data and file activity. This course also teaches you how to create reports, audits, alerts, metrics, and compliance oversight processes.


Database administrators, security administrators, security analysts, security technical architects, and professional services using IBM Guardium.

Skills Gained

  • Identify the primary functions of IBM Guardium
  • Apply key Guardium architecture components
  • Navigate the Guardium user interface and command line interface
  • Manage user access to Guardium
  • Use the administration console to manage Guardium components
  • Build and populate Guardium groups
  • Configure policy rules that process the information gathered from database and file servers
  • Use the configuration auditing system, Vulnerability Assessment application, and Database Discovery to perform data security tasks
  • Create queries and reports to examine trends and gather data
  • Automate compliance workflow processes
  • Use file acess monitoring to keep track of the files on your servers


Before taking this course, make sure that you have the following skills:

  • Working knowledge of SQL queries for IBM DB2 and other databases
  • Working knowledge of UNIX commands
  • Familiarity with data protection standards such as HIPAA and CPI

Course Outline

Unit 1: IBM Guardium: Overview

Unit 2: IBM Guardium: Architecture

Unit 3: IBM Guardium: User interface

Unit 4: IBM Guardium: Access management

Unit 5: IBM Guardium: System view and data management

Unit 6: IBM Guardium: Groups

Unit 7: IBM Guardium: Policy management

Unit 8: IBM Guardium: Auditing, vulnerability assessment, and discovery

Unit 9: IBM Guardium: Custom queries and reports

Unit 10: IBM Guardium: Compliance workflow automation

Unit 11: IBM Guardium: File activity monitoring

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