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5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It is a new global wireless standard after 4G networks.

5G enables a revolution in wireless network that is designed to connect virtually everyone &

everything together i.e. machines, objects, mobile devices and many more.


  • Business leaders
  • Managers
  • R&D engineers
  • Management teams
  • Technical managers
  • Technical members
  • Leadership teams


  • A basic understanding of mobile networks, wireless technologies, telecom market and cellular systems.
  • Exposure to Mobile wireless and wired technologies -GSM, UMTS,LTE,CS,EPC,IMS,FTTx
  • Experience as telecom networking professionals working with both carrier and enterprise networks.


Module 01: 5G Technology & System

• 5G Introduction

• Need of 5G

• 5G IMT Requirements

• Key Themes of 3GPP R15, R16, R17

• 5G Use cases

• eMBB,


• mMTC

• 5G deployment Status Worldwide

• 5G NSA vs 5A

• 3GPP NSA and SA Deployment options

• Evolution path for EPS to NSA 5G and SA

Module 02: NG -RAN and NR

• NG-RAN Architecture, nodes, interfaces, reference points, protocols

• NR Frequency bands

• V-RAN – Virtualized RAN

• 5G RRC States

Module 03: 5G Core Network

• EPC Evolution to CUPS EPC

• 4G EPC CUPS Remapping to 5GC functions


• 3GPP and Non 3GPP access reference points

• 5G service based Interfaces

• Service based Architecture

• 5G User Identifiers

• Collocation of 5G with EPC

• 5G Voice Alternatives

Module 04: 5G PDU Sessions

  • PDU Session types
  • SSC Modes – Service continuity
  • Splitting and relocating the user plane
  • PDU session call flow

Module 05: Mobile Edge computing in 5G

• MEC Introduction

• MEC Powered by 5G

• MEC and 5G architecture

• Benefits of MEC

• MEC use cases

• MEC LADN 5G deployments

Module 06: Network Slicing in 5G

• Network Slicing Introduction

• Slicing Functions

• Network slicing Phase 1,2,3

• Need of Slicing

• Slicing identifiers

• Slicing Call Flows – Registration Sessions

Module 07 : QoS in 5G

• 5G QoS Overview

• 5G QoS Architecture

• 5G QoS parameters

• PDU Sessions and QoS Flows

• QoS handling in UE, gNB and UPF

Module 08: Security

• 5G security Architecture

• 5G Security features overview

• 5G Authentication -AKA Procedure

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